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We at LifeSkills Counseling Services want to commend you for your active participation
in your own recovery process. We congratulate you on your willingness!

Why Group Therapy - Benefits

Helps realize that you are not alone Allows individuals to give and receive support which can be highly influential Safe and supportive environment to express emotions which are otherwise hard to express Decrease isolation and help engage and improve social skills Learn to accept feedback and motivate change, practice new skills Stabilize acute symptoms and ensure progress, improve day-to-day functioning Reintegrate with renewed life-affirming skills

Convenient Group Services Hours

Adult Services (18+) Mental Health Groups Dual Diagnosis Groups PHP - 9am-3pm Mon-Fri IOP - Morning 9am-12pm Mon-Fri IOP - Evening 5pm-8pm Mon-Fri IOP - Weekend 10am - 1pm Fri-Sun Adolescent Services (10-14 & 15-18) Mental Health Groups Dual Diagnosis Groups IOP - Morning 9am-12pm Mon-Fri IOP - Evening 5pm-8pm Mon-Fri

Intensive Outpatient Program - IOP

LifeSkills Counseling Services is committed to your recovery. Finding the right treatment option is an important decision you will have to make during your recovery path. Your participation in sessions will help gain a variety of coping tools that will enhance your ability to handle life stress. Our IOP hours are very convenient for students and working adults without any disruption of school attendance or work hours.

Partial Hospitalization Program - PHP

PHP and IOP are group-based therapy programs that assist individuals who need more treatment than what is provided by conventional outpatient services. Each person’s recovery experience is unique. Our program is geared toward addressing your individual needs. Groups are small and provide support in healing, caring, and non-judgemental environment. Our multidisciplinary team led by our experienced psychiatrist will work closely with you to provide structure and support. You will be learning coping skills that you can apply in unsupervised settings after the program hours.

Psychiatric Assessments & Medication Monitoring

Our Psychiatrist and/or Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners will conduct complete psychiatric evaluations, provide diagnostic clarification and recommend medications and other treatment options. They will continue to monitor ongoing medication needs and meet regularly with clients to ensure progress. Based on these assessments, psychological testing, pharmacogenomic testing, and other necessary treatment modalities will be offered at our facility.

Individual / Family Therapy

Individual and Family Therapy are provided by our skilled therapists who will meet with clients individually to address additional issues that need attention. Family therapy will help improve communication and cohesiveness, reduce family conflicts and decrease stress related to lack of trust and understanding among family members.

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